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Public IP Intercom Station

The public IP intercom station is installed in the public area. It can be used to call indoor intercom station or guard station. The embedded RFID reader can be used for centralized access control.

Modern Apartment Block


Android Outdoor Intercom Station


The HBT-820D is an Android-based video door phone for guests and visitors. It is installed at the main entrance or lobby of a building.  Visitor can dial room number to reach house owner or talk to the guard/operator for video intercom and access control.  As the RFID-based access controller, the door lock can be opened by swiping valid RFID card or dialing a preset pin code.



IP Public Intercom Station


The HBE-700D is an IP-based pubic intercom station.  Installed in the public area, user can simply press the intercom button to call HBI-1100 management console.  The HBE-700D is equipped with Mifare RFID for centralized access control.

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