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Smart Building Server

Smart building server to be deployed to management intercom and access control systems. The server is cloud-based which can facilitate iPhone/Android App to work with HomeScenario system.



IP Cloud Smart Building Management Server


The HSC-1010W is the management server for HomeScenario Smart Building system.  It provides centralized building management features for integrating IP Intercom, security alarm, access control, text message editing/distribution, building automation, smart home, device configuration and maintenance, management center video server, system log/report, etc. 


The HSC-1010W can also integrate with 3rd party systems to extend the scope of service for smart building.  It is a powerful tool for large-scale property management such as residential apartment, hotel, office, factory, school, etc.

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Cloud IP Intercom SIP Server


The HSC-3100 is the SIP cloud server for HomeScenario intercom system.  It helps forward intercom call to SIP PBX, video phone, or iPhone/Android App, etc.  During intercom, user can talk, monitor video, and unlock door anywhere through HomeScenario cloud platform.

Security Cameras


IP Intercom Video Server


The HBI-VS is an IP intercom video server which supports camera monitoring for HomeScenario IP intercom indoor touch panels. The video streams can be taken from CCTV/ DVR, IP camera or NVR in the intranet. The indoor touch panels can select target camera channel and monitor the real-time video.


*Note: Supports selected brands of IP camera, DVR, NVR.  Project-based integration subject to further discussions on specification requirements and economics.

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