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AIoT Smart Building Provider

HomeScenario, Inc. offers cloud-enabled AIoT Smart Building solutions including SIP/IP Intercom, Alarm System, Multi Access Control, Video Monitoring, Home Automation, Energy Management, Property Management as well as Cloud Platform/App.  Our systems provide powerful features and flexible architecture, that brings comfort, convenience, safety, security, and eco-friendliness available to elegantly fit various building projects such as luxury villa, high rise condominium, hotel, office, school, factory, government, etc.  For years, HomeScenario solutions have been widely deployed in a number of countries around the world.  With our leading technology and premium service, the building facilities can be well connected with and under control by users anytime, anywhere with peace-of-mind.

Our Services

What We Offer

With more than 20-year experience in security & networking technology, HomeScenarios offers complete smart building solutions which are IP cloud-based and well integrated with various 3rd party systems.

SIP/IP Video Intercom

IP-based indoor touch panel, video doorbell, outdoor station, intercom console and management server. System supports SIP with iPhone/Android App for cloud video intercom and access control.

Cloud Alarm System

Each indoor station with 8 alarm zones. Arm/disarm via indoor station or video doorbell using RFID card. User can also setup arm/disarm remotely via App and receive push message alarm over the cloud.

Multi Access Control

Fully integrates intercom with RFID/QR Code for access control, can be upgrade to support AI face recognition. Provides management server to centralize access control database and policies.

Video Monitoring

Indoor touch panel and App can monitor live videos from outdoor station, IP camera, or DVR/NVR. System can also be upgraded to record all intercom-related audio/video.

Smart Home Automation

Control lighting, window curtain, air-conditioner, AV, and scenarios, via indoor touch panel user interface or App. This not only applies to automate single house but also can be mass deployed for all the houses (or rooms) of a whole project. 

Energy Management

Measure energy consumptions (e.g. power, water, gas) and environmental data (temperature, humidity etc.). Provide billing/pricing calculation, graphics/charts, and push message notification.

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